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Scholarship Search by NMJ International

Our scholarship search platform offers you NMJ International scholarship awards along with other scholarships and financing opportunities that our partners at Scholarship Jamaica hand picked for you.

Find scholarships, other financial aid and scholarship resources from more than 3200 programs in the USA and Jamaica totally nearly J$3.5 billion.

Click the following link to the Scholarship Jamaica online platform and enter as much information as possible to find the most scholarship search matches.

Our scholarship search information is based on the National Scholarship Digest by Next Move Jamaica, annual investigation and publication in Jamaica and the USA.


So, what’s so awesome NMJI scholarship search site?

With one of the largest scholarship search databases online and a speedy scholarship search matching tool, Scholarship Jamaica scholarship search helps students find scholarships that are most relevant to their background, field of study, sport, skill, interest, achievement, or other attribute. Whether you’re in grad school or were just accepted into college, we’ll have a match for you.

College scholarships and grants are the best place to start financing your education. Our goal is that students use this scholarship search platform to invest more wisely in school, prior to relying on alternative resources and loans.

Additionally, while many students may be unaware of forthcoming due dates for scholarship applications, deadlines will be clearly visible on the scholarship search results so that users only apply for current and upcoming awards.


The Scholarship Search Matcher

Scholarship search is easy! When you set out to find scholarships on other sites, you may have to answer dozens of questions before seeing any scholarship search results, and without knowing it, you may accidentally sign up for a service you don’t want or reveal personal information you probably shouldn’t have. That’s not our objective!

The Scholarship Jamaica scholarship platform only needs simply things about you such as: level of study, faculty and citizenship. That’s all we ask to provide you with a comprehensive list of award options where you will surely find a scholarship matching to your need.

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