Scholarship Events by NMJI.

Events are planned and actioned by NMJ International monthly. These events a undertaken to fulfill the organization’s objectives. These events will be listed in details on this page to encourage participation, while illustrating our efforts to offer scholarships and education financing opportunities to students in our community.

Support the Next Move Jamaica International events as we blaze the trail across the world! Below you will find events that are important to us, mark them on your calendars.


Latest Events

Arthur Winzro Parks 2015 Scholarship Awards!

In late August 2015 we awarded six (6) students the 2015 Arthur Winzro Parks Scholarships in Jamaica by the Fenderson Family in honor of Arthur Winzro Parks. There were three (3) Fashion Design Awards, Two (2) Nursing Scholarships, and one (1) communication/literature award.

Arthur Winzro Parks (1947 – 2010) was a father, brother, uncle, engineer, businessman, and educator. He attended Mico Teacher’s College in 1966. Thereafter, he taught at Pennwood Secondary School and Wolmer’s High School for Boys. During his tenure at Wolmer’s he attended the University of Technology and graduated in 1975 with a degree in Engineering.

Being an educator and consummate student he recognized the financial burden of higher education. Initially he offered to pay for all of my books for college. When I declined, he demanded and I acquiesced—knowing that his offer in many ways was grander than my young mind could comprehend.

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Resort Escape Fashion Show | Scholarship Fundraiser 

PJ Fundraiser 1

Next Move Jamaica International will be benefiting from an  end  of  summer  soiree by Pepper Jacques. Pepper  Jacques  is  hosting  an  end  of  summer  soiree on October 02, 2015, at The Refinery Hotel to help the city that never sleeps prepare for the best season of the year: Resort Escape……. Read More →

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